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Printing machine

Specifications:5 colour big size paper + varnish coater+UV.
Maximum paper size:1,040mm×740mm
Minimum paper size:480mm×340mm
Printing paper thickness:0.04~1.0mm

Printing press by Manroland from Germany which is famous for its excellent quality. This press machine is available both for oil-based ink and UV ink and capable diverse printing from thin paper for leaflet, booklet and brochure, etc. to cardboard for packaging, moreover, can be used for value added products like blind embossing.

Manufacturer:Mitsubishi heavy industries printing & packaging machinery J.S.C.
Specifications:5 colour big size paper + varnish coater+UV, including quality-checking equipment and fault printing paper disposal part.
Maximum paper size:1,020mm×695(685)mm
Minimum paper size:540mm×360mm
Printing paper thickness:0.2~0.8mm

This is a Mitsubishi thick-paper printing machine. Thank to the quality-checking equipment, it can operate stably with high quality.

Manufacturer:Komori Corporation
Specifications:1 color Kiku size paper with double-side printing(2 colors available for one side)
Maximum paper size:1,030mm×720(710)mm
Minimum paper size:Single side 520mm×360mm
Double-side 520mm×440mm
Printing paper thickness:0.04~0.3mm

Printing press by KOMORI. With its solid reputation, their press machine is adopted overseas as well as inside Japan. We mainly use this machine for magazines, booklets and brochures.

Inspection equipment

Manufacturer:DAC Engineering J.S.C.
Model:Online specialized print flyer checking equipment

Insert the optical lamp system specific for Mitsubishi printing machine (camera sensor line 3CCD, special lights) to whole-check all online products. Thank to this we could find the error products and reasons early to reduce the waste of materials. We use the checking history to improve the production efficiency and maintain product quality.

Paper processing equipment

Manufacturer:Futagami Tekkousho J.S.C
Model:Automatic interleaf paper machine type 1100

Automatically stick the printed paper to the single-sided cardboard.

Manufacturer:Sanwa Techno Co., Ltd.
Specifications:Chase lifter
Maximum paper size:1,040mm×740mm
Minimum paper size:Single side 400mm×330mm

This die cutting machine makes little noise and applicable to wide range of thickness. The chase lifter helps preparation and die cutting work easier during the operation that leads to more efficiency.

Manufacturer:Ijima Seisakusho
Model:JF-1030P (automatic flatten surface)
Specifications:With mabeck feeder
Maximum paper size:1,030mm ×730mm
Minimum paper size:400mm ×330mm

By the reliable automatic flatten surface machine produced from excellent skills and latest structure, it is easy to separate the papers in one move. It is efficient in molding a large amount of goods. It is also possible to provide thick papers (type E, B), papers with particular features.

Manufacturer:Sun Engineering
Specifications:JAN code reader, touch panel

To meet the diverse needs of customer, this gluer is applicable to various kind of products also covers variety of gluing, side gluing, bottom gluing and both side gluing from small lot to large lot.

Manufacturer:Suga Seisakusho
Model:Molding cardboard machine E flute editing equipment with two glue nozzles, JAN code reader KEYENCE DV-90, BL-700. Products of SGK with equipment which helps finding two sheets of sound wave kind.
Usage:to stick the edges, bottoms, and 2 sides.

By the JAN code reader we can prevent the impurities get into the products, and thank to the detecting 2 sheets device, we can add the protecting device to prevent the machine from running 2 sheets of paper at a time.

Specifications:Cylinder hot stamping machine type SBD
Maximum paper size:890mm×640mm
Minimum paper size:400mm×290mm
Printing paper thickness:0.6mm

The application of the hot foil stamping creates an exceptional shine on the package that lends an extra air of luxury and grabs attention on the shelf. This machine is able to apply hot foil stamping on various type of paper also film laminated front cover.

Manufacturer:Eishin Kikaisei
Model:EM-10 Pressed picture machine
Specifications:Hot platen 300mmx200mm. Pressure 10 tons

This is forming machine by hand using 10 tons of pressure that can handle the plates with a maximum width of 300mm x 200mm

Publishing (Bounding)

Manufacturer:Nagai Kikai
Maximum paper size:Cut width 1,020mm x length 1,020mm

This machine is used for big K size paper

Manufacturer:Itotech Co., Ltd
Maximum paper size:Cut width 1,150mm x length 1,150mm

This machine is used for paper type 46

Model:Mini Match B3 2 set
Maximum paper size:400x600mm/300x600mm (fold 3 coners)
Minimum paper size:50x110mm (parallel fold, front side) ; 100x110mm (parallel fold, reverse side;100x110mm


Model:folding K size paper machine Combi 16

Model:Folding K size paper machine Combination KT

Manufacturer:Tokyo Shuppankikai


Manufacturer:PBM Co., Ltd
Maximum paper size:B4 (380mm x 265mm)
Minimum paper size:A6 (105mm x 148mm)
Paper thickness:2~35mm

This is a small wireless bounding machine with high function. This machine is used for wireless binding type, closing Slit, closing by sutures. Every hour it can bound about 1.000 ~ 2.500 books.

Manufacturer:Osako Seisakusho
Model:Middle line bounding rotarary Type Estar
Specifications:Including cutting machine BSM 450/220/15

Including camera CCD

Model:OCTANS 126T
Maximum paper size:1,200mm×780mm
Minimum paper size:406mm×340mm
Paper thickness:105gms~450gms

Automatic PP

Manufacturer:Uchida Seisakusho



Model:Avalon N8-12S

CTP thermal paper output normal size corresponding to the phenomenon lessplate

Model:Apogee Prepress 8-up(RIP process)

The prepress work follow solution appe-art equipment corresponding to JDF

Model:imagePROGRAF iPF750
Maximum paper size:roll paper width 914mm (36inch)
Minimum paper size:roll paper width 254mm (10inch)

Large Ink-jet printers A0 reciprocal compact body

Manufacturer:FUJI XEROX
Model:DocuColor 1450 GA
Specification:including PX140 Print Server L
Maximum paper size:A3(330x448mm)
Minimum paper size:A5 smallest paper tray : postcard ( Japanese postcard ), envelope : long, no.3(120x235mm)
Processability of Paper thickness:64~300g/m2

Complex Machine responds to adapt network to professional demand with exquisite image quality and colour sharpness

Model:Macintosh G5
Quantity:2 machines

Model:Macintosh G4
Quantity:2 machines

Manufacturer:Windows PC
Quantity:15 machines

Model:Creative Suite 5.5 Design Premium

Model:Creative Suite 4 Design Standard

  • Printing machine
  • Inspection equipment
  • Paper processing equipment
  • Publishing(Bounding)
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