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General Director Kazuo Ono

In contrast to Japan's economy is in the dark period, in Vietnam, the number of companies with foreign owned investment as well as Japanese companies are increasing rapidly. We also heard a lot of big companies are building their factories in Vietnam. Therefore the demand for printing products and tools to promote sales grow very fast. However, the printing quality of Vietnam has not been developed so far. It’s rather hard to buy printing products with good quality and low price.

In this situation, Our company-Shoei Vietnam, will bring to customers the best quality and best price for the printing products as our expect to be able to support more clients doing business in Vietnam. With the goal of becoming the 1st leading printing company in Vietnam, in addition to the fields of printing or sales promotion tools, we also provide one-stop service such as electronic display devices or essential items ...

Through our printing business in Vietnam, we hope to contribute to the development of local printing in Vietnam as well as in Asia.

Business Vision

Business Guideline

Pursue high-level technology and offer products with high quality.

Increase profitability by realizing cost cut continuously.

Establish mutual trusts with customers, partners, employees, and regional society.

Customer satisfaction and happiness come first. Build strong mutual relationships with customers.

Foster human resource. Try to be a company where each employee’s ability and originality can be brought out maximally.

Protect global environment through environmentally conscious production.

Consider about safety. Guarantee the quality and information management thoroughly.

Make contributions to society and regional communities with positive activities.


Company Spirit


Have the spirit considering on customer satisfaction - becoming the company that customers want to delegate tasks –

Offer differentiated quality, cost, delivery, services.


The spirit of sustainable development - to become the company continued with the new challenges and always evolving - the spirit of challenge and creativity, not satisfied with the present situation, striving to build the future.


The spirit towards social responsibility

Fulfill the responsibility towards society.

Observe the law, protect the privacy of customers and employees. Reduce environmental impacts.


Have the spirit of coexistence and co-prosperity.

Aim at being a company where the employees can share the happiness together.

Each employee creates and shares the values fairly to each other. Be happy together.

Trainees Image
ISO Quality guideline / Environment Policy
Shoei Vietnam co., Ltd will achieve the following purposes and make the best effort to maintain, refine the quality of goods as well as environment conservation like in Japan.

Quality guideline


In order to realize customers’ satisfaction and impression in offering variegated printed matters, we try to operate and improve the quality management system effectively, continuously. As a professional printing company which transmits information, we take pride and responsibility in keeping and aiming at a higher quality.


1. We show the "accuracy, quickness, politeness, kindness" on working to customers’ requests.


2. We pursue the "high quality" which can impress customers.


3. We pursue the "low price" which can please customers.


4. We pursue the "quick delivery" which can please customers.


5. In order to execute these plans, we set up fiscal year targets within each section.

ISO quality and environmental management system poster in the Vietnam factory

Environment Policy


While offering variegated printed matters, we also work on environmental protection activities.

Therefore, in order not to give environment enormous impacts, we set up the environment policy as an action guideline in promoting and improving environment protection. And through this policy, we are hoping to pursue customer satisfaction even more.

We support each customer for various inquiries,


1. Range of registration activity
Overall business printing from marketing to platemaking, printing, bookbinding.


2. Basic principle
We make contributions to the society and regional community through business, and we give top priority to the protection activity of global environment. We do our best and try every possible action to control worsening global environment.


3. Basic policy
(1) We establish the environment management system, make sure it works continuously in preventing environment pollution and improving the system continuously.


(2) For effective use of the resource, we try to control generating industrial waste and aim at improving recycling.


(3) We care much about keeping the environment safe by using raw materials and auxiliary materials that less affect the environment mostly.


(4) We observe the laws, the rules, other agreements concerning environment and aim at improving these compliance.


(5) We provide environment education and in-house public newsletter to employees. We also set up concrete targets in each department, and review them regularly.


(6) The environment policy is made public and be seen at our homepage, corporate guidance.


4. Promotion activities
(1) We carry out waste separation, reduce the amount of waste, and aim at improving recycling.
(2) Prevent generating defective products. Decrease using the resource, energy resource uselessly.
(3) We try to use green products such as recycled papers, soy ink...
(4) We try to reduce using office supplies such as copy papers...


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Information about a company

Date of establishment :
February, 2009
Representative :
Kazuo Ono
Number of employees :
Address of Head Office :
Room 402C, 4th Floor, CMC Tower, Lot C1A,
Handicraft & Manufacturing Industrial Zone, Dich Vong Hau ward,Cau Giay District, 
Hanoi, Vietnam
TEL: +84 (24) 3795 0642


The head office of Shoei Vietnam Co.,Ltd

Room 402C, 4th Floor, CMC Tower, Lot C1A,
Handicraft & Manufacturing Industrial Zone, Dich Vong
Hau ward,Cau Giay District, Hanoi, Vietnam
TEL&FAX +84 (24) 3795 0642
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Bac Ninn Factory

BAC NINH - based branch office of SHOEI VIETNAM CO., LTD.
11,Street 9, VSIP Bac Ninh Urban, Industrial and Service Area, Tu Son town, Bac Ninh province, Vietnam

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